Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun in the sun....well sort of sunny Oregon

Wow, has this been a busy month for the peeps!
They have been kicking around the idea of buying a summer home up here in Oregon, so we have been driving all over the neighborhoods looking for "Home for Sale" signs.

But in between these drives we have had time to check out the beach for This Beautiful Moment:

Thanks to Sugar,, we Golden Girls love the sea side!
Although hers is a lot warmer in Hawaii! BOL

Wishing you all beautiful moments where you live!

Molly the Golden

Monday, May 13, 2013

From Desert Diva to Beach Babe

Hi, my name is Molly, I am a Golden Retriever, living with my peeps in an RV!
They rescued me from a Tucson,AZ shelter last November and I have found out what LOVE is!
Plenty of food and water, treats, toys, lots of belly rubs and lots of loving people around, even on walks, too.
This photo Dad took when I first arrived. It took a little getting used to living in a small space, but hey I don't have to stay outside in the heat any more! And we get to go on walks EVERY DAY!!Some times twice a day! After a short time, they trusted me to walk around in the desert area off leash, I just had to make sure I kept an eye on them, never going too far! Zoomies and Sand Angels in the soft sand, YES!

By April 10th, it was getting up in the 80's, so we moved north to a place called OREGON. A lot cooler and green! What is this soft stuff called grass?! You can roll in it and not get stickers in your fur! Grass Angels! When the sun is out, you can find me sunbathing on my "deck".

Then, when it got warm out, we went to this really fun place...the BEACH!  7th Heaven for Canines!
All kinds of soft cool sand to run around on, plus waves to chase, but they chase you back. Incredible smells all around, I don't know which way to run first! But chasing Dad is always good, finishing with a Sand Angel! Cowabunga!!
Now I know what Sugar the Golden has been talking about! The desert doesn't have this much fun! 
Mom has been calling me the "Beach Babe", especially while washing all of the sand out of my coat after my beach fix.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!