Friday, June 14, 2013

Fun in the sun....well sort of sunny Oregon

Wow, has this been a busy month for the peeps!
They have been kicking around the idea of buying a summer home up here in Oregon, so we have been driving all over the neighborhoods looking for "Home for Sale" signs.

But in between these drives we have had time to check out the beach for This Beautiful Moment:

Thanks to Sugar,, we Golden Girls love the sea side!
Although hers is a lot warmer in Hawaii! BOL

Wishing you all beautiful moments where you live!

Molly the Golden


  1. Morning dear sweet surfer girl Molly!!
    you are looking most beautiful today and what lovely furs you have...must be the sun making your Goldenness glimmer like crystals.
    Hugs Madi your BFFF

  2. oh Molly, looks like you are still having a ton of fun!!!

  3. Hi Molly, that looks like a great beach for romping!!!!

  4. Hi there Molly! so nice of you to come visit me today :) I am from Polk County, Florida...Oregon looks pretty but you should c'mon by and see us if you ever RV down South!

  5. I love the beach...but, my two kitties stay at home when I'm out trekking the sand and surf.

    Thanks for the compliment you left for me on C's new look for Madi and Mom. I so adore the two of them, and like making the graphics...glad to know she is enjoying it. Of course with Madi, anything that enhances her beauty is bound to be good. ;o)

    1. PS..."C" from Madi and Mom told me I should 'connect' you to my bird photo blog. Guess you and I love to do some bird watching?

      Here's the link

      Stop by anytime.

  6. We went down the coast of Oregon and got home just last night! If you are north of Coos Bay we might have driven right past your house! Congrats on the new home. We KNOW you are not miserable with hot weather like it is here!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley